The Elegancy of Naturopathic Medicine for women’s health

Through the 21st century, a fast-paced life is non-evitable. Females today are the primary sufferers of this pace.  Women play multifaceted roles. They might have a full-time job in addition to their full-time job in their homes, distributed between being a partner and being a mother.  Performing her multiple jobs, a female is unable to take good care of her health on both the physical and psychological levels.  Over the years, a woman would find herself, suffering from stress, mood changes and hormonal changes hindering her from living her life to the fullest.  Every woman needs an individualized care that is tailored to her circumstances to support her through the journey of her life. The Medicine of today being fast-paced, symptoms directed and disease oriented, is unable to provide the individualized care needed. The need for an alternative support is mandatory. Naturopathic medicine is the needed support.

When stress hits into the life of a female, she might suffer from depression, insomnia, anxiety, acne, headaches, increased weight, menstrual irregularities… etc. Naturopathic medicine is the multi-modality medical system that is capable of providing multiple approaches to empower females while dealing with the stressors of life. Women could gain from Nutrition, acupuncture, herbal medicine and mindfulness to relief the stress and the resulting pathologies.

A dream that lingers in the minds of every female is seeing herself a mother, enjoying her babies and fulfilling her motherhood needs. Today, IVF gave the opportunity to females who are unable to conceive naturally, achieve their dreams. Naturopathic medicine is capable of helping females regulate their menstrual cycles and improve egg quality. In addition, it is capable of improving sperm motility and morphology. It has been shown that naturopathic medicine could benefit females with difficulty conceiving sometimes as a stand-alone treatment, others in conjunction with IVF.  

Nutrition in Naturopathic medicine has a concept that differs from Conventional medicine. It is not just a tool to lose or gain weight. It is a therapeutic modality that helps resolve diseases and support the body during stressful situations. Understanding the Naturopathic medicine nutritional concepts offers physical and psychological support to females. In addition to teaching them new concepts on how to feed their kids for a better health.

Naturopathic medicine is primarily a preventative medicine that supports healthy bodies to cherish more health and happiness. Through it, females could learn how to care for their healthy bodies and minds. Applying the concepts of Naturopathic medicine could guarantee a life-long youthful mind and body. An achievable goal that is deserved for femininity on earth.

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