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Educational Psychology

The main goal of educational psychology is to offer people new ways of seeing, knowing, and experiencing the world. Visual arts such as digital photography, drawing, and painting serve as mediums through which individuals develop basic skills that allow them to express their feelings and ideas; thus, art becomes a means of self-expression that enable individuals to improve their understandings of their personal struggles, wants and needs.

Benefits of consultation:

Specialized in educational psychology and Arts-based education, Prof. Saad develops educational programs that serve individuals’ needs and expectations. Being a practicing artist and educational programs developer feed her passion of working with people who are eager to develop better understanding of their lives. Prof. Saad provides her clients with one-to-one sessions to work collectively on constructing series of sessions that respond to their conditions and help them achieve short and long terms goals. Reaching new closure at the end of each session, inform the following step toward achieving a bigger goal and this is how my clients become aware of their progress and development. 

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