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Exercise And Training

The fitness consultation service provided by the clinic is in the form of a motivational interview. Eric will discuss the specific needs and goals of the client, their previous experience with exercise, and any relevant medical or injury history. He will then ask questions pertaining to influential lifestyle habits that are related to success in fitness, for example, nutrition, sleep, and stress management.

By the end of the consultation, Eric will have enough information to present the client with a well-rounded initial (4-week) exercise programme and recommendations. This programme is designed to address the most important aspects of the client’s success in fitness wherever their starting point may be. The individualized exercise programme will be provided to the client via emailed excel spreadsheet.

Benefits of Fitness Consultation:

NCC fitness consultations are around one-hour or more according to the needs of the client. The lengthy consultation time is beneficial for both the client and the personal trainer. The client will have enough time to discuss their fitness goals, previous success or struggles with exercise, and express any concerns with their personal trainer. On the other hand, the personal trainer will have the time to gather necessary information about the fitness level of the client, their goals, available resources, and to better understand any barriers to success. This way, the most comprehensive, individualized programme may be developed for the client.

Follow up:

Clients of NCC are granted a no-fee 15 minutes follow up after one week from the start of the exercise programme. The follow up is a beneficial practice in fitness consultations. It is an opportunity to answer client’s questions and adjust the exercise programme according to the individualized outcome of the client to the initial exercise recommendations.

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