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Gynecology and Fertility

Gynaecological Endocrinology & Infertility (For Patients Outside Canada Only):

In NatureCure clinic we believe in utilizing every approach to help our patients. The best benefit can be accomplished when our patients are provided with care from both Naturopathic and Conventional medicine.
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Fertility and women’s health are two domains that get special focus at NatureCure clinic. Whether you are concerned about your fertility potentials, struggling with fertility challenges, or interested in fertility preservation for medical or social causes, Dr Zohni provides fertility consultation where your concerns are diligently addressed and a treatment plan developed. If your treatment requires fertility procedures, there are multiple options for the place and the timing, that could be discussed with Dr. Zohni.

Dr Zohni works closely with NatureCure Clinic staff to develop a multidisciplinary approach and an Integrative treatment plan.
Interested in supporting your reproductive health with benefits of both Naturopathic and Conventional Medicine?
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