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Naturopathic Medicine

Primary consultation:

The consultation services provided by the clinic is in the form of a primary health intake meeting. Dr Bakry will focus on the history of the present illness and how it started. She then asks questions that cover the multiple health aspects and lifestyle of the patient. By the end of the consult, Dr. Bakry would have a holistic vision of the present illness, its root causes and the lifestyle of the patient regarding his nutrition, sleep and daily activities. An individualized treatment plan, following the therapeutic order of Natural medicine, will be provided to the patient.

Benefits of Naturopathic consultation:

NCC consultations are around one-hour or more according to the needs of the patient. The lengthy consultation time is beneficial for both the patient and the Naturopathic doctor (ND). The patient will have enough time to discuss his health complaints, express his stresses and health goals. On the other hand, the ND will have the time to analyse the symptoms of the patient, reach the root cause of his symptoms and set a natural treatment plan that fulfills the patient’s goals.

Follow up:

Patients of NCC are granted a no-fee 15 minutes follow up after one week from the start of the treatment plan. The follow up is a beneficial practice in Naturopathic medicine. It is an opportunity to answer patients’ questions and adjust the treatment plan according to the individualized reaction of the patient to the multiple modalities of Natural medicine.

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