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NCC Awareness Programs

Aim of NCC awareness programs:

Knowledge is power. In Naturopathic medicine, the role of the patient in his health path is undeniable. The aim of NatureCure clinic is to spread the knowledge that empowers patients to participate in their healing journey. In addition, NCC aims at transferring evidence-based natural medicine to medical doctors who are interested in Natural medicine for the benefit of their patients.

Benefits of Naturopathic consultation:NCC strives to achieve the principles of Naturopathic medicine including “Doctor as a teacher”.  The awareness programs of NCC aim at spreading the concepts of natural medicine among interested groups of patients, the public or physicians. A program has three components:

  1. Short videos covering the analysis of the disease through the concepts of Natural medicine in addition to the preventative natural measures applied to support the health journey of patients.
  2. Live zoom sessions for open discussions about the content of the videos in addition to questions and answers.
  3. Private Facebook page for participants for exchange of experiences and information.
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