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Nutritional Support

“Let food be thy Medicine and Medicine be Thy food”. Hippocrates. Around that phrase, we build our well-researched Nutrition concepts that are individualized according to the need of our clients.

Primary consultation:

A one-hour consultation with Miss Rahouma is provided to our patients. NatureCure clinic nutrition consultation is more than losing weight programs. At NCC it is believed of “Food as Medicine”. Your one-hour nutrition consultation provides you with enough time to discuss your “diet diary”, your emotional links to food and your goals that you would like to achieve. A lifestyle nutrition plan, customized and individualized, according to the needs and goals of each client is provided. NCC nutrition plans are more than, merely, diet plans. They are the plans that target health and healing. At NCC, the practice is evidence-based nutrition that is supported by sound research and science. Foods are used to support the immune system and support the body organs against multiple diseases, example diabetes, hypertension, fertility, obesity and autoimmune diseases.

Follow up:

A 15 minutes no-fees follow up is available for clients who have inquiries or concerns about their nutrition plans.
Want to achieve your higher health through Nutrition?
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