Professionally I am a nutritionist. But what does that really mean? In short, it means that I am extremely passionate about supporting clients gain a deeper understanding of how to nourish their bodies based on their individual needs, while taking into account all the social, cultural and economic factors.

I graduated from Ryerson University in Toronto with a Nutrition Degree. During that time, I gained a wealth of international experience through various projects. A significant one is my research in India, with a partnered university, on women’s health and sanitation practices during the monsoon flooding. Additionally, my exchange time in France taught me about the importance of a positive relationship with food and the food system and how to develop it.


Currently, I am practicing clinical nutrition at Sick Kids, a leading hospital in children’s healthcare. I am constantly working towards improving my knowledge and my expertise in the field, by ensuring that I am up to date with new research and findings that may influence practice.

Beyond the nutrition, I am a huge advocate for all forms of movement. Through my own past experience as an athlete and my continued practice of movement in my daily life, I believe in its benefits for both physical and mental health and well-being. I coach group fitness classes because I love sharing my passion for movement with others!

In my free time you can find me baking with my sister for our home baking business (Batabito Bakes) that specializes in refined sugar free desserts. In addition, I love rock climbing and enjoying outdoor time or spending quality time with loved ones.